Bipasha Basu rules ‘Man’s World’

The Bengali stunner adds sizzle to summer as she graces the spread of a well known men's magazine

Bipasha Basu has reversed the natural ticker. Because of her gruelling fitness regimen and her revamped-found singledom, the curvy wonderfulness is getting younger with each passing day. Bips is known for her boldness, but underneath that strong lacquer the Players performer is legitimate and transparent.

Then again while we are on the theme of transparency, how would we be able to disregard the burning translucent one-piece the darling has wore for this shoot! Quite few ladies in B-town would be able to pull off this spread shot by wearing that daringly striking outfit. Bipasha's tall casing, her chaotic hair, her extended appendages and her olive skin do full equity to the representation. The Bong magnificence strikingly receives a cross-legged carriage, gets on the edge of the seat and looks straight into the lens. Now trust us on this: if just a stare might murder, Bipasha's puncturing look could have killed millions in one single stroke!